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Έλληνας Ιωάννης

«The initiative of ​​ OpenLab arose from the need to be a better contact and cooperation between members of our educational community in order to enhance knowledge gained from theoretical and laboratory courses. OpenLab  is hosted in an ancillary laboratory space of Electronic Computer Systems Department, run by students and generally operates under the auspices of this Department.

The project would not be realized without the great effort of a core section of students of the ECS Department.

I am confident that this effort will be reciprocated and will provide a space to create and exchange knowledge and experiences.»

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  1. Petros Kovatsis says:

    Great initiative,
    Hope that in the future more Professors like mr Ellinas will be teaching in TEI of Pireus.
    Thanks to everybody else that helped for the website and the community. Hope the website will be soon working properly and please take in considaration that it would be great if there is a forum so that we can exchange ideas and help each other. Cheers!

  2. Nice effort! I am sure that only good projects will be created from those students. Keep up the hard work and we will support you with any way we can!

    Best regards,

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